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      Personal Styling

      This is all about you. As your personal stylist, Style Scout work with you to create an image that works for your age, life style, budget and aspirations. Style Scout spends time with you with the aim of establishing the direction you need to reposition yourself in life’s tableau and to regain that sense of being ‘comfortable in your own skin’.

      Personal Shopper

      As your personal shopper, Style Scout can stop the stress and strain of disappointing shopping trips. Most of us have probably stood awkwardly embarrassed just outside a changing room clutching at the curtain calling for a distracted companion who has wandered off. Not anymore! One shopping session with Style Scout will change all that and more.

      Wardrobe Makeover

      It’s old news that we spend 80% of the time wearing 20% of our wardrobe. No one is exempt from that impulsive purchase that remains unworn in the dark recesses of the wardrobe. Wrong size, wrong colour, wrong pattern, can’t accessorise, out of date. The list is endless. These are just some of the symptoms that Style Scout can remedy with one visit.

      Corporate Styling

      Style Scout works closely with corporate clients to ensure that the right image, promotes brand awareness and sets the right tone. Clients from all corners of industry may require the professional help of a stylist to work with their models or staff and it is vital that they are appropriately attired for the commercial environment or promotional event.

      Styling Parties

      Friends just love to get together over a glass or two of wine or a cup of coffee with Style Scout. Parties off with all the best tips on the tricks of the trade, the trend of the season, where to shop, and hot styling tips that can revive the spirit without breaking the budget. Everyone has a mini styling session that is designed enhance their assets.

      Gift Vouchers

      Do you need a really original present for a friend or partner? Style Scout gift vouchers can be made out for a specific amount or for a particular service. They are special gifts that make a difference and will help your loved ones look and feel fantastic. Why not get in touch with Style Scout and we can explain more.

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          “Paul loved all of my new clothes and shoes – particularly the floral dress! I took the dress to show my mum at the weekend, she loved it too. My best friend was very complimentary as well. Thanks for all of your tips… lots of things to think about.”


          “I thoroughly enjoyed the evening that we spent together. It was a relaxed and fun session during which I felt completely at ease and comfortable. Not only did you revolutionise my wardrobe, but you made me think a lot more about my attitude towards myself.”