Change Your Mind Set and Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

I’m having a Harry met Sally moment, for Pete’s sake read on…..

Change Your Mind Set and Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

VanessaThis week’s blog is dedicated to thinking about hair and hair style. I have to confess that I have been guilty along with a lot of women of lacking some sense of adventure. Staying within one’s safety zone is all very well and good, but its really important when considering your image, to think from head to toe.

Several years ago my last hairdresser and I did experiment with some red highlights and I have to say I did enjoy introducing a glow of warmth instead of the usually safe blonde tones. As these timid toe in the water experiments sometimes go, it faltered as trips to the hairdresser became more frequent and so the flirtation with reckless devil may care ended and back to mouse I went, until…..

Yes, I seized the day, grasped the nettle and whatever else needed grasping, my hairdresser and I plotted a completely new look. Goodbye to past dreams of resembling Britt Eckland, somewhat lacking in the Scandi gene pool department and hello Renee Russo of “The Thomas Crown Affair” fame…. yes folks! I Is Red! Totally Red…and I love love love it!

I fully realise I have lost any dramatic effect because I have been posting my image for weeks now with my present colour but that won’t stop me banging on, no siree. The day I had it done, I had comments from everyone, and I do mean everyone, including the rather nice lady behind the customer service counter at Sainsburys. Who would have thought she would have remembered my old locks let alone me? But it doesn’t stop there, no indeedy! One lady at the gym, where I inflict myself with ‘The Burn” and another from my Zumba class, both felt inspired to ditch the blonde and come over to the red side….what a compliment! Even the word glamour was bandied idly about. One male friend thought I had taken years off, 5 to be precise (he’s a bit like that) not 10 years Younger but still!

I feel like Dorothy from Oz in her ruby red shoes, tornadoed into a world of high gloss colour. The red hues have brought a warmth to my complexion that was lacking before. My make up has only needed to change in a subtle way for instance with lip colour. I can now wear really gentle nude shades without looking washed out. My hair looks thicker and has more body too, so it really is a win win situation all round.

My own hair dresser is Donna and she works from Uppercuts in Portslade East Sussex. They are an independently owned salon and have a well established clientele. There is a friendly atmosphere and a real sense of family (and no, I don’t mean cornflakes at dawn and door slamming) when you walk in. Donna has cut my hair for several years now and she has never failed to deliver. I trust her implicitly which is a vital component in a relationship with your hairdresser. My own clients who I have referred to her, have all been equally thrilled. I talk to others who drift into any old hair salon as and when, failing to understand how important it is to establish a rapport with a person who can either, have you soaring through the skies or crying a river.

When observing makeover shows, the clothes perform wonderful transformations but they can lack impact without an up to the minute hair cut and complimentary make up. I want you to have some of what I’m having and for you to consider casting off a look that could well be long past its sell by date. Go on, you too could be soaring through the skies!

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