Dorothy Perkins,Cute collars and Mad men

Dresses with a touch of quirky chic at bargain prices…. read on for my top tips.

Dorothy Perkins,Cute collars and Mad men

As you will have gathered by now I am a huge fan of shift dresses with clean lines and no fuss, oh alright then, a bit of fuss! ;-) I just fell in love with the Betty Boop style dresses with cute collars and a touch of quirky animal print?  There are so many out there on the high street, so here are my top tips on how to get the best look for your money.

These dresses are a wonderful find from Dorothy Perkins and with 20% off for the next two days they are a total snip at £24. To find a hemline that is appropriate for the more mature woman yet have a touch of fashion edge is more than a little challenging I can tell you.

Fit: A while ago I waxed lyrical about DP’s peplum dresses the only snag was a slight ripple down the back where the zip lay. This is sometimes inevitable when stretchy material encounters a zip as the two fight each other for supremacy. In the case of two of these little beauties, zips have been eradicated so i’m afraid its an over the head and a slight wriggle to get them on. That said, it wasn’t any kind of a challenge and once on, the dresses lay beautifully, front and back.

Static: Yes that old enemy will come back to haunt once the colder weather hits and we are in need of hosiary. The weight of these dresses dictate that they would be great for Spring and Autumn but possibly a tad warm for a hot summer day. Mind you, with the summer we’re having, that last comment is hardly relevant. I found that a slip did improve the wrinkling whilst walking but there was a small element of static nevertheless.

Lace and Mirror pattern: This last dress is cut beautifully and reflects, scuse the pun, two trends in one. The neckline and cap sleeve plus the side panels combine to zero the waistline down to nothing, it’s all about the power of illusion. How very clever our designers are. The static will still apply even though it is lined but with bare legs not a problem. The dress is so easy to wear and for that special occasion with a jacket and nude courts would certainly cut a dash.


Sleeves: Or lack thereof, the curse of the mature shopper once again!  Now, If these three dresses had a nice little 3/4 length sleeve they would be a total no brainer. For 24 quid I would strongly recommend the purchase of a nice crop cardigan,just to keep the Mad Men look going strong, and slap on the fake tan.

What’s your favourite dressy look this summer?



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