Essential basics! A fantastic pair of jeans.

Jeans cross the generational divide, all women want to look great in their jeans, regardless of age!

Essential basics! A fantastic pair of jeans.

Setting up an efficient wardrobe with pieces that compliment each other does not necessarily make for a fun shopping trip. Buying basic essentials doesn’t always set the heart racing the way other acquisitions do. Believe me, if you take my advice, you’ll be glad you put the spade work in because the way your wardrobe will just flow together will make assembling outfits seamlessly easy.

I want you to consider how much you expect from your trusty jeans. Most of us have at least one pair or more, which may indicate the huge contribution these die hard heroes make, and how much we rely on them to take us anywhere and everywhere. How often do we say that shirt/sweater/jacket/coat/T-shirt/vest/boots/heels (I could go on) will be great with jeans, we certainly expect our pound worth of flesh from our denims.

Now, the sixty four million dollar question: How much would you spend on just one pair? Before you answer, consider a few of the demands that we place on our best denim friends. We want a smaller bottom, longer legs, flatter stomach and to add further fuel to the fire, to beat the style stakes at the school gates.

My advice is spend as much as you can afford, you won’t regret it. The high street offers a full range of options and there are jeans specialists who solely concentrate on design style and comfort. The right amount of lycra is vital, too little, and limited time span for wearability prevails and too much, and a flat very unsexy butt could be yours!

G Star Raw produce a wide range of high rise this and mid rise that, and for those devotees amongst you who prefer a low rise, no problem, this is your one stop shop for all. If the attention that is paid to the customer in the London stores is anything to go by, you will be greeted by well trained staff who who can’t do enough for you. At G Star Raw Oxford Street, I was shown to a chaise longue and offered coffee tea or water while my charge tried on a variety of jeans. It was decided that her size was not 32″ but 27′ and the first pair were an immediate hit! How often does that happen? It can feel like the search for the Holy Grail to find a pair of jeans that will tick all the boxes. A more regular experience has been a shopping misery spent in one changing room nursing a throbbing finger with the imprint of a zipper on it, so think on!

These Super skinny Dexter bad boys are my summer jeans. I say summer, but I have worn them all winter, they look cool with boots, converse or Havianas!  They are so amazingly comfortable they feel like a second skin. 

These below are this season’s acquisition which are solid indigo blue and are so versatile. These could be very easily dressed up or down using blouses, tailoring, knits or a basic T-shirt.  They are called the Midge Cody Skinny and I love them!


I am further delighted to announce the opening of our very own  G Star Raw store in the Churchill Centre so, no need to thunder up to London as of now!  A very enthusiastic James will be more than happy to help you meander through their very exciting spring range. Have I inspired you to perk up and think about your jeans in a new light?


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