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Hello and welcome to Stylescout’s first tottering steps into the world of “blogging’. I have been researching the world of Blog and Twitter for some time now and inadvertently got hooked on various wonderful blogs to do with the world of fashion style and beauty. I have connected with some extraordinarily talented people in my industry through this interesting aspect of social media and never get tired of hearing the sound of my phone going ‘ping” when another Twitter follower announces their presence.

As a newcomer, I need to think about who will find what I have to say relevant and of interest. I have decided that the blogs I liked the best were by honest down to earth, (not downtrodden mind) busy women with families hurtling in every direction through a kitchen resembling a morning at Charring Cross. This is because fashion and style is sometimes wrongly assumed to be the exclusive right of the young, gorgeous and usually wealthy.These ladies, however live in a world that I know all about. They are passionate about their style but read their Grazia amongst the spilt milk and cornflakes in their dressing gown, whilst simultaneously fielding Little Johnny’s packed lunch and missing school shoe, still finding time, god knows how, to produce insightful comment on SJP’s latest look on the red carpet. They have lumps and bumps of their own and I feel they are real women. That said, one of the bloggers is quite young and lovely, does not appear to have children, is very together with her fashion, and posts the greatest pictures of herself for us all to see what she’s wearing. I will post links later on to their blogs so you can enjoy their offerings on the strict understanding that you always have time for mine.

I spend a large amount of my time researching the Brighton shops, so I would like to offer you my thoughts on what is out there on a local level, and where to find it, comment on the enthusiasm of the shopping staff, and any other aspect of the shopping experience that makes us all want to go and “have some of what she/he’s having”. I would like to support our High Street by directing you to where most deserves your custom, praise those out there who are doing a good job by providing a high level of service and generally ensure that you have the best shopping experience possible apart, from coming with me of course. I have a body of experience to share and feel I am ready to launch or rather inflict my observations, opinions and anything else that springs to mind on a wider audience, so here I am, Stylescout is about to go viral!


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