Let there be colour. Let there be light!

…….a very welcome distraction from the fruit and veg?

Let there be colour. Let there be light!

I hope you are keeping the faith and casting a regular eye over my prittle prattle. Today I want to bang on about the Holy Grail which is the capsule wardrobe. This is the ideal solution for any of us who are pushed for either space, cash, time or all three. My latest discoveries came about as a result of finding myself in the mundane process of doing the weekly shop. Gok has developed a cost conscious range for Sainsbury. That much is not news, but most of it has now been sold and the few remaining items have been relegated onto the bulging rails of the TU sale rail. Now I am not about to be sidretracked by Gok’s range, but it would be rude not to mention it. He did a wonderful job with body hugging shift dresses with built in “suck it in and up” scaffolding under-slips. I have to say, I quite fell in love with myself when I tried on a few of those. A petite friend scooped up a few in different colours and marched them to her dressmaker so she could wallop off a yard of fabric, yes, she is very petite. My girl looked amazing at Christmas in the red wrap dress and at the price point of £40 the alteration cost element was no big deal. It was whilst in the throws of scavinging lettuces and the like amongst the hoards In Sainsbury West Hove, that I found myself detouring to the clothing section. Can’t think why ;-)

I found a gorgeous pencil skirt, a well cut pair of yellow 7/8ths and a top that works with either. If you refer back to my previous blog entitled “The simple T…. ah but is it,” the top works well with the trousers, so double bubble. For those lovely women with booty they do a wrap dress in the same print but different jersey style fabric with ping, which looks fab, although I have not tried it on myself. Before you baulk at the the thought of yellow, it’s not for everyone I grant you, keeping the colours calm around it helps and if it’s not directly under the face, it’s easier to pull off.

The Skirt… The right balance of lycra hence very comfortable, great fit, cups the behind in a good way, but not so tight that the derriere travels down towards the back of the knee, you know the kind I mean. Machine wash. This skirt does NOT know how to crease, I promise, we love!!! Price £20 Marks: 10/10

The Cigarette Trousers, great smooth fit, side zip, machine wash, very comfortable, can be dressed up or down. Price £25 Marks: 8/10  small grumble, you have to watch that back view, no pocket detail = large expanse of fabric over your behind, not good, so choose top with care. A chiffon blouse that floats higher over the waistband and is lower at the back (they are everywhere) is the solution if the top in the photo isn’t for you. Tres tres chic n’est pas?

The top has good drape, any creases from being packed will drop out, great addition to your basic wardrobe, a great trans-seasonal purchase. Price £14 Marks: 9/10 If I’m being picky, the sleeve style and length may not suit everyone, but that’s really picky!

Total cost £59 Even if I say so myself, no one could sniff at that! Let me know what you think down below or email me any queries.


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