North London, one cute Dorothy Perkins dress and two blue legs equals one red faced stylist

There are times when good common sense deserts us all, even me! Read on

North London, one cute Dorothy Perkins dress and two blue legs equals one red faced stylist

Yes it is most certainly time to discuss the pit falls of dressing at this time of year. Picture the scene if you will. I’m off to North London for meetings and want to look my best, naturally. I decide I want to wear my dotty shift dress (see previous post), I felt it was the right side of playful yet business-like. My dilema was whether or not to wear tights. As the post informed you all dear readers, there was an element of static when worn with tights but I loved the dress so much I elected to overlook this. The dress is a cosy weight, so perfect for this time of year but it’s the legs you see… what to do, what to do……

You may not be totally surprised to learn that good sense totally deserted me as I decided to brave it and wear bare legs. I checked the day’s temperatures on my iPhone app and decided I could pull it off but decided I would throw on my leather jacket to wear over my little black cardi, just in case.

Thank bloody god I did. I was freezing on the train…. for two hours… each bally way! My circulation plummeted through the floor as I sat wriggling around in my seat trying to revive my dying extremities.The ’5′ minute walk to and from the venue did nothing for my hypothermic state, I quite expected to see the first stages of gangrene when I removed my shoes that night.

There’s a moral to this tale of woe which should be obvious so I won’t expand. Suffice to say here are a few tips may that may provide an answer to our static prayers, should you, like me, take a departure from sanity, because quite frankly, I should have worn a pair of sodding tights and another dress!

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