Personal Shopper

Our personal shopping day will teach you to successfully dress for your body shape and build your self esteem

This is designed to enable clients to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. A complimentary detailed consultation designed to get to know the real you and your aspirations takes place prior to the event.

As your personal stylist, Style Scout will help you avoid having unused and unwanted mistakes in your closet and have fun at the same time. Shopping with your image consultant means that you learn what to buy and where to buy it.

Style Scout does all the hard work in advance, selecting fabulous key pieces to fit any budget. All you have to do is open your mind to new options and ideas. It’s not all about carrier bags either, clients are thrilled to find their next solo shopping trip is a pleasure cruise, eliminating acres of clothing racks at a glance and homing in on items that enhance their wardrobe collection, colouring and lifestyle.

The service that Style Scout provides isn’t just for women. Men love to have the agony of indecision and time issues swept away with a regular seasonal shopping session.

No more frustrating, time wasting shopping trips alone or with a disinterested third party. Put an end to the dreary trudging round the shops and call Style Scout now.

Personal Shopper Gift Vouchers

Do you need a really original present for a friend or partner? Style Scout gift vouchers can be made out for a specific amount or for a particular service. They are special gifts that make a difference and will help your loved ones look and feel fantastic. Why not get in touch with Style Scout and we can explain more.