Personal Styling

A bespoke personal styling consultation to enhance your body shape and improve your body image confidence

No longer exclusive to celebrities, personal styling is accessible to every day people with busy schedules, children and careers or any combination of the above. Retirement isn’t the peaceful potter it once was, either. Clients come from all walks of life and for one reason or another they find themselves wondering what it would be like to have the objective second opinion of a professional stylist.

Style Scout offers a complimentary consultation to give you an opportunity to meet the stylist and to assess whether or not this is the way forward. During the consultation process we will cover all manner of topics in order to get to know you.

We will talk about your preferences, colours, concerns, body shape and budget. It’s really important for Style Scout to ‘get it right’ and ensure that our recommendations blend in with your lifestyle. It’s always lovely to hear that Style Scout’s choices have been worn to death and CPW (cost per wear) is something that Style Scout takes very seriously.

Body shape is everything and we work together to enhance your assets and believe me, everyone, without exception, has those. It’s really important that there is a connection and trust between you and your stylist because personal styling is exactly that… personal.

Personal Styling Gift Vouchers

Do you need a really original present for a friend or partner? Style Scout gift vouchers can be made out for a specific amount or for a particular service. They are special gifts that make a difference and will help your loved ones look and feel fantastic. Why not get in touch with Style Scout and we can explain more.