Wardrobe Makeover

Book a wardrobe styling consultation, clear out unsuitable items and learn how to revamp your look

“I haven’t a thing to wear.” Yet the wardrobe is bulging at the seams with the outcomes of many an ill judged shopping trip. An outfit from time gone by that no longer does anything for you. Garments bought in a sale or at the last minute. A garment never worn that is waiting for that accessory that just plain doesn’t exist.

Maybe you have an aspirational wardrobe, which is code for clothes you would love to wear but never do because they are not suited to your lifestyle. If any of the above tired, downtrodden clichés apply to you, then you need Style Scout.

Together we work through the drawers and hanging spaces until we have made order from chaos https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/cialis-et-generique/ and a new streamlined wardrobe emerges. We look at body shape, patterns fabrics, style, age group and lifestyle, then Style Scout shows the way forward. We even introduce a few new items to give well-loved favourites a new contemporary twist. A new image can do wonders for us all, and if that’s not required a new perspective never fails to enrich.

Clients never cease to be amazed that, without spending a penny, we can re-create a whole new wardrobe simply by re-modelling existing garments and reviving forgotten treasures.

At the end of each session every client is left under no illusion as to what works for them and how to accessorise appropriately, they also receive a tailor made style file containing the outcomes of the session.

Wardrobe Makeover Gift Vouchers

Do you need a really original present for a friend or partner? Style Scout gift vouchers can be made out for a specific amount or for a particular service. They are special gifts that make a difference and will help your loved ones look and feel fantastic. Why not get in touch with Style Scout and we can explain more.