Right,Part Two…. My top “now’ makeup tips

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Right,Part Two…. My top “now’ makeup tips

As a woman, who lets face it, has drfted away from the bloom of youth, I know that when I watch make up tutorials, these are mostly aimed at the younger woman…. Thats all very well, but do I always have to wait for ” how to get the Helen Mirren look”  to get ahead of the game?

So here’s what I think!

1) Practice practice practice!  Yes, I have opened the front door to the postie and frankly, frightened the horses after practicing that evening smoky eye. Don’t wait until” the event” itself to try a new idea for the first time.

2) Matte eyshadows reign supreme, a touch of frost can go a long way, so watch it…. MAC Pro Longwear paint pots ensure long wear and easy blending. Perky is my favourite shade to date, it has a smooth peachy tone, adds a warm glow and is simply stunning.

3) Eyebrows frame and add focus to the eyes. As we age, brows become thinner for a variety of reasons so its vital to redefine them. Take your time, practice makes perfect. The VT on Charlotte Tilburys site will explain how, better than I ever could. The Charlotte Tilbury eye pencil is fabulous. At one end it has the colour in one of 3 shades,it has an unexpected hide away highlighter in the middle section and the other end sports a mascara type wand for softening the strokes. Honestly it will take years off and better than a face lift! 

4) We can all reach to a flick, it takes practice thats all. A flick gives the illusion of a stronger,fuller lash line and can widen out the eye. Don’t go too extreme at first.  I recommend a dark brown powder, MAC Embark pulls this off with aplomb, and an angled brush rather than a liquid liner for a better starting point, for two main reasons. A) It’s not as hard a look if you have finer lashes,like me. B) It’s easier and more forgiving to apply than a liquid….

5) Use a light diffusing primer or an illuminating foundation with this, as I call it, “youthglow.” Charlotte Tilbury do a really beautiful product called Light Wonder Foundation. They are also kind/smart enough to send samples along with purchases.

6) Apply blusher last to make sure you achieve the right balance. Creme blushes are very soft and flattering, giving a dewy finish, MAC do a wonderful range including their Mineralize Blush.

7) Lip gloss is generally more flattering than lipstick, it’s all about the colour tone and what suits you best. If you’ve gone for a bold eye, a nude or paler shimmer on the lips looks really beautiful and gives a modern finish. Likewise a softer eye colour looks amazing with a bold red lipstick. Don’t for cripes sake, do bold eye and bold lips… Whatever happened to BabyJane? I’ll go no further, enough said!

Here are two looks, Left images shows a smoky eye and the right a more natural day time look that takes minutes to achieve. Forgive the somewhat cheesy pout but I was mucking about and it’s the best shot believe me!

In the interest of public health I will not re release my photo before make up as per my previous post, so you know where to go if you want a complete heart attack. If I haven’t just put you off comepletely It’s time to push through the change barrier and treat yourself to a fresh new look this Spring.

I hope that this has been helpful and shines the way to some experimental moves from you all. Take courage and give it a go! My best secret weapons of choice are my heated eyelash curlers and my 10X magnifying mirror.Which tools would you take to our desert island?

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