Separates are the new black.Zara, M&S Limited Collection and Miss Selfridge

Separates made easy, Have fun putting your own look together.

Separates are the new black.Zara, M&S Limited Collection and Miss Selfridge

Black shirt Zara £29.99, Fur collar Miss Selfridge £18.00.

Yes, folks it’s official, dresses are on the back burner for a while and separates are storming the High Street.  For this approach however, you need to really know what suits your body shape and stick to working that sillhoette.From a stylist’s perspective, separates give those who thrive on rummaging for precious finds an opportunity to create a totally individual look.  It is always so tempting to buy everything under one roof because a) clothes are merchandised to show us what goes with what, in order to make putting an outfit together quick and easy. b) Each store want us to spend with them, its a simple as that.


Should you brave going off piste and be prepared to take a bit of extra time over it, you could surprise yourself!  Choose one basic piece and then work on looking for items that compliment the shape and then the colour, If the proportion is all wrong it doesn’t matter a jot how clever you’ve been finding that exact shade of whatever. Don’t be afraid to have a go at clashing print or colour but avoid doing both, pick your poison and stick to it. Focus on completing the look to the final piece, considering the outer garments, shoes bag and jewellery. We’ve all fallen in lust with a purchase but it’s no good to you if you have no coat or jacket to put over it. Boots or shoes are a vital consideration, if overlooked, poor footwear choices can totally let the outfit down. I have worked with some client’s who start to shut down by the time accessorising starts to rear its head. ‘ oh that’s alright I have bag like that at home” the times that has been said, only to return home to find that the bag is a lot tattier than remembered or smaller…and yes where bags are concerned, size IS everything.

Jacket Miss Selfridge £35, vest top Zara,£17.99 Cord trousers M&S £35

The cords are AMAZING…so cozy comfortable they hit 10/10 on my ping factor yet the fit stays trues that means no sliding backside, no what I mean. They are a mid rise hence no bulging overhang, they come in blue too ;-)

The jacket and the vest both have pleather detail so they are very this season, the channelesque jacket teams well with dresses so is very versatile. it’s fantastically comfortable, lightweight and will certainly fit under a jacket or coat so layering is no effort.

This long sleeved T was a snip from Zara at 9.99. I must confess I did that awful thing that sometimes we women do, and that is to buy something as a gift and then keep it… Shhh

I hope that I have inspired you all to go on and have a go…  What’s your favourite look this Autumn?


  1. What a useful post! It’s so true that you need to consider what’s in your wardrobe while shopping, I always trip up though and like you say end up with a beautiful item that I have absolutely nothing to wear with!! I shall bear this in mind next time I am shopping :)

    I wonder if you’d like to have a look at my little website, I’ve only just started it so it’s still very small! It’s basically a little directory of all my favourite classy shops and what I love about them. If you’d have a look and maybe help me to spread the word that would be amazing!! You can find it at Thank you so much!

    Poppy ♥

    • Thank you Poppy, it’s so great to know that my tips could save valuable time and money for you. I love the sound of your directory too! xxx

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