Staying Youthful In Our 50′s Part 1 (with a little help from MAC)

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Staying Youthful In Our 50′s Part 1 (with a little help from MAC)

 I never possessed Brit Eckland’s (circa 1970) gorgeously natural genetic qualities, I yearn to let just a tan, a lick of mascara with a smidge of gloss do the work. You neither? It’s no good bemoaning what we do and don’t have, what I have discovered is that, we are never younger or lovelier than we are in this moment so….Come on, It’s not the end of the world, we just have to check our mind set.


1) Hair cut.. if its over 5 years old, change it! An up to date hair cut can shave off decades. A fringe can knock years off and is considerably cheaper than a face lift.

2) Hair colour, our skin tone lightens over time, so our hair colour choice should work with nature, not fight it. Think Jane Seymour and Lorraine Kelly, who have progressed from previously darker locks to a more soft tawny hue.

3) Make up is such an easy quick fix ! It takes less than 10 minutes to do a quick daily make up and really refresh your look.  Why not Introduce some colour and brightness, which god love us, we all need. I have to be honest, I love my “no make up” days as much as the next chap, but by Jove I know I look better for a bit of slap…. no one wants to frighten the horses now do they?  

Now’s the time to seize the day and go for it!  I’m a great Mac fan,the staff are so inspirational and are always helpful and enthusiastic. Yes, thay are inevitably younger than us but they know their products and how to make the most of their customers, whatever age they are. So don’t hold back, Our local MAC is in East Street, get down there and peel back the years, I promise you will really notice the difference. How old is the oldest resident in your make up bag and is it time to serve an eviction order? 

For you, my readers the truth of my before and after.

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