Satisfied Style Scout customers

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“As a solo artist, I needed to define my look as an artist, using the same styling elements that could be used on stage as well as for a day-time look. I had to do this on a budget, so this could have been a challenge, but this didn’t seem to be a problem for Vanessa, she worked so hard at getting it right, and has given me a look that is very in keeping with my music.

Going personal shopping with Vanessa was an amazing experience, and something I will be doing again. She is incredibly enthusiastic and great with coming up with ideas to suit budget and life style. It’s really important to get the right look together, and it’s worth taking time and care over this. When the whole outfit was put together, I was amazed!. Vanessa then showed me how to choose the right colours, textures, style of clothes and has given me tips on choosing a suitable wardrobe…She has really inspired me to try new colours and fabrics, and enabled me to create a wardrobe to be proud of.”


I have to say the day after our trip I’m even more excited about my new wardrobe (now that I’m recovered some energy!), it’s so versatile (as you promised). Such a range of completely different looks from so little! I can hear the red top calling to me – so I’ll probably add that to my collection too.

My mum was very impressed with my new items, I sent her the emails links, she loved everything too. I’m been sharing the tips you’ve mentioned to me and she’s been passing them on to my sister-in-law and now everyone’s excited. I think everyone’s shocked that I’ve become interested in clothes.

You’ve definitely injected youth into my wardrobe, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I really can’t believe the long jumper / leggings boots combo so easy yet so modern – Until now, I’ve been enviously observing other people with that ‘naturally thrown together sexy look’ – now I have it too – so I won’t have to feel like a scruffy frump when I’m out and about now. I see the little ditzy dress and bat wing combo are out of stock on the web – so you did a good job reserving those – that’s my fun and flirty look that doubles up as warm for winter and cool for summer, day and night outfit. I really am so delighted with all my new things.

I’ll be showcasing my new numbers this weekend – I’ll not sure anyone will recognize me!

If I get round to sorting myself out on twitter, I’ll definitely ’follow’. Any tips on exciting new things and when they go on sale is very useful!

Will check out the jeans, I’m already thinking of what could go with my new imaginary jeans.

I can’t thank you enough for injecting some life into me and my wardrobe Smile.


The afternoon I had with you has totally transformed the way I perceive myself and the clothes I wear now. I have had so many comments on the jeans, tops and accessories that I have lost count of them all! Comments range from ‘you look fantastic’, ‘your figure looks amazing’ to ‘where did you gets those clothes from?’. They are lovely. I lost a stone in weight just by having the clothes you chose for me and I have been able to adapt them for workwear and going out. The most simple ideas had the greatest effect! Changing bra type/shape has had a huge impact, even rendering my husband (of 6 years marriage), speechless for 5 minutes! Thank-you Vanessa, for giving me my young self back, finding a new sexy siren status and giving me the confidence to begin a new career!


I thoroughly enjoyed the evening that we spent together. It was a relaxed and fun session during which I felt completely at ease and comfortable. Not only did you revolutionise my wardrobe, but you made me think a lot more about my attitude towards myself. I now feel much more confident and I’m working on emphasising by assets. I have had several compliments about they way I now put my outfits together – including some from a very young and hip colleague of mine!

I think much more about dressing for particular occasions rather than just chucking anything on. I actually managed to look festival chic a couple of weekends ago – before I would never even have considered dressing for a festival.

I’ve had several enjoyable shopping trips and have quite a few new items. Black still features but I’ve also added purples, greys and greens and when I do wear black, I try and add some colour with jewellery or scarves. I’ve just brought a new red skirt which I can’t wait to wear – and its leg revealing.

You’ll also be proud to hear that I now return any items that aren’t suitable back to the shop from which they came – and I’ve discovered that returning clothes is just as exciting as buying them as it frees up funds to spend elsewhere!

Thanks for your time, patience and understanding. It was quite a personal challenge to openly talk about how I feel about myself – but you made it very easy. I would highly recommend your services and may well be tempted by a shopping spree with you – it will give me a chance to show you what I’ve learnt and you a chance to see that I haven’t strayed back to my old sloppy ways!

I look forward to receiving the workbook and wardrobe checklist to help keep me on the straight & narrow!