The simple T… Ah but is it?

Not the mundane garment that you may think!

The simple T… Ah but is it?

Having just banged on about Dorothy Perkins in my last post, you’d think I would give it up already and move on, but no, I haven’t quite finished. The humble T shirt is the unsung hero and the very backbone of our staples.This item should always be on your radar when you’re out and about hunting down the new season’s additions. Enough of these babies to hand and you will never lack choice and variety when getting dressed of a morning.

Ok to business, T shirts these days come in all shapes, sizes and lengths and there are many to choose from. Frankly, as a woman of, shall we say, mature years, but hey, so is Madonna, I opt for a bit of arm coverage and a bit of drape myself. This is of course, to disguise the other drape occurring awarded to me rather ungraciously I feel, by Mother nature herself. After fruitless years of, early mornings with Mr lycra himself Mr Motivator, a decade of Rosemary Conley’s Fat Attack Booster Diet and her fat free cake, and now Zumba I say thanks for that, thanks a bunch! Now, back to the matter in hand. You will, of course, have read my previous post about the wonder of shift dresses at DPs, but what I omitted to mention was that I had slid a T shirt into my carrier bag, paid for mind, and so it is to this little addition that I dedicate this post.

This T shirt top has a wonderful abstract print, front and back, this is V important to me as I can’t abide the cop out of a plain back, such a let down sometimes. It is a fusion of colour with black and grey smudges which are offset by an array of soft muted tones of aqua, olive green and sunny peach. Reading that back it sounds positively awful, especially the peach, but work with me, take a peak at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean. It has 3/4 length sleeves and looks great draped over one shoulder, for those who like the “come hither” look totally adopted and owned by Lloyd’s ex, Cheryl from Coronation Street. I have styled it in a few ways to show you how versatile it is, so with either, jacket, gillet, scarf or the odd edgy pendant and studded cuff, this T shirt rocks. It will totally blast a pair of jeans whether they be traditional indigo blue, black or the new seasons colour pop variety. Wet look/ leather skinnies would lend a cool rock chick vibe!  Come the summer, a pair of 7/8th trousers and a pair of courts and you’re good to go. At £19.50 its a wonderful start to operation ‘vamp it up”. Marks:10/10

Thank you for reading, I would love to know what you think, so go for it!

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