To Waistcoat or not to Waistcoat that is the question…..

A long waistcoat or sleeveless jacket… what’s in a name anyway?

To Waistcoat or not to Waistcoat that is the question…..

This season has brought with it the continuation of the fashion industry’s love affair with the sleeveless jacket. It was all go last season, they were everywhere. For those sceptics amongst you who hesitated to take the plunge first time round, here lies your chance to snatch one up for this Autumn/Winter.

Let me count the ways………

1) Gives a really clean silhouette adding a tailored edge to your look. The masculine line works like a dream with very feminine prints and fabrics like chiffon, it’s juxtaposition personified!

2) Covers the derriere. Thats a 10 right off the bat…… really coming into its own with the mid to higher rise trousers and jeans.

3) Can be worn with T shirts, chiffon shirts, knits and over leather jackets, so extremely versatile and wearable through most seasons. However, not a howling gale, I’ll give you that!

4) Wear with a wide brimmed felt hat for extra glamour, this really ups the style stakes in the way no other accessory can.

5) Looks great with skinny, flares or boot cuts! You’ll see I’ve chosen white flares below but dark denims, smart crops and black skinnies will all work to give a variety of looks.

So which one… Or ones?

Each High Street brand has done its own version so its important to weigh up exactly what look you want to achieve. Do you need to inject some comtemporary style into your work wardrobe or do you want a more relaxed Boho off duty vibe? Possibly both….. this is very “do-able” depending on what is worn underneath.

Right, thats enough talking, lets look at some options.

 I have chosen River Islands fabuloulous 70′s inspired waistcoat to show you…… its uber long so you need some height or at least some kick ass heels to pull it off. It made me feel very chic, sort of Faye Dunaway a la The Eyes of Laura Mars. They have, however, produced a coat for sleeve lovers if that’s going to be a deal breaker. The colour palette is rather a gentle beige with an oh so slight pinky tone, what won’t it go with? The coat is £120 the waiscoat £90 so pick your poison.

I’ve shown you a perfectly straight forward leather jacket so you can see just how easy it is to layer  up depending on the weather and where you’re going. If i’m honest, this one has a wool content that makes it a litlle bulky, I like a bit of movement myself, and as wool irritates my skin, this wouldn’t be my first choice.

For those who require a slightly less flamboyant option, how about this great Topshop sleevless jacket at £42 …… don’t get me started on the fabulous range of colour options including powder blue.

For those who want to rock a softer unstructured look,why not go for something like this from River Island, it’s really got a sophisticated yet informal feminine twist at £65


If i’m honest I love it…. love them all … Heck I can’t choose…… There’s one out there for everyone, which one do you prefer?


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