Top ten tips for Your Spring Wardrobe

Top 10 tips for a Functional and stylish Spring Wardrobe

Top ten tips for Your Spring Wardrobe

 Yes, its time for us to don our spring plumage, who wants to be stuck in winter berry tones? April is but a hairs breath away, and we have to counter the cold weather for a few more months.

As a stylist I often find that clients don’t always think top to toe whilst shopping. Imagine painstakingly creating a great new look, perhaps a new jacket and accessories, only to grab your knackered old faithful handbag which has been around the block a few times. Could this be you? Time to sharpen up and look at your wardrobe in its entirity,including what goes on your arm, and I don’t mean your other half. 

Here are my top ten tips for a fabulously functional Spring wardrobe!

1)  Mindfully build a wardrobe for Spring. This is a 3 month period and your Summer clothes are of an entirely different ilk. You will suffer from hypothermia if you mistake one for the other!

2) Start looking for a winter weight coat in pastel or brighter tones in September. I arrived in London last week in my lovely Salmon pink wool coat to be greeted by the London populace in grey and black.  Colour lifts the spirit and heighens the senses…

3) Look for jumpers likewise, throughout all seasons. I picked up my Nude pink jumper in January, puzzlingly they did not repeat stock, so the window of opportunity can be quite short. I have now made a purchase for next Spring… see what I did there? Cashmere is often reduced after Christmas so get Googling and keep it/them by for next year. M&S shhh!  This is investment purchasing at its best.

3) Wear layers of fine vests and leggings underneath everything until the weather warms up. Uniqlo is the go to! Thank you Rita!

5) Change your make up shades and your nail colour. Nothing says Spring like a colour pop on the lips,fingers and toes!

6) Get shoes/boots sorted! We need to keep our feet warm and dry.You will need ankle boots with a cleavage at the front as this elongates the leg. Suede in grey or tan is good, come summer, you can wear them with bare legs. Leather is always an option because, it does tend to rain every now and again. Not so you’d notice!

7) Get a great pair of trainers/converse, still too early for full on gladiators I’m afraid…. Wear with jean/ cropped cigarette pants,plus you can wear socks!

8)  A great scarf/ beanie is a boon and really keeps the warmth in! Keep those colours popping. Pattern is good.

9) Change your handbag over….. now! We don’t want matchy matchy, just a nod to tonal sychronisation.

10) Umbrellas in great vibrant shades/[patterns. Don’t down your look with a boring black old brolly. Always have a telescopic to hand!

Stylescout’s recommendations

M&S coat, It’s a snip at £120

New Balance at Schuh. Fab trainers in powder blue and yellow!


Clarks Griffen Mabel have played a blinder with these cool loafers…I am crazy in love!

Topshop is responsible for this ensemble. The trousers were about 4 years ago and the jumper back In January. See how keeping a colour theme going helps to create a look.

Keeping warm yet stylish doesn’t have to be a major drag, it just takes planning. How will you make an impact this Spring?

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  1. This is so helpful, as I suffer from the not so high temperatures here, even in Summer! My thermal vest (yes, I know), is never far from my torso! I LOVE the loafers! Oh! and I almost forgot, your blogs on makeup for those of us who are a certain age, were absolutely inspiring – thank you! I now have a fabulous selection of MAC makeup, which I just love playing with and have had many comments on ‘how well’ I look! Popping colours for eyes and outfits – what’s not to like – bring on the sun!

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