Transeasonal dilemmas? Marks and Spencer to the rescue

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Transeasonal dilemmas? Marks and Spencer to the rescue

As we clutch at the remaining few weeks of residual sunshine, this season’s trends beckon us to the shops to resolve our Transeasonal wardrobe dilemmas. Layering is the obvious way to go and a variety of pieces provide solutions. apart from when its lashing with rain, then its every man for himself.

The latest item on my fashion radar that provides an answer is the blanket wrap. Good old M&S have done us proud, producing an array of colour blend options with the softest feel… i’m such a sucker for a spot of tactileness… if indeed that’s a word! 

The fact is, that we ladies have to deal with a huge raft of temperature changes within any given day, coupled with juggling lady hormones, yet endeavouring to remain effortlessly stylish…a tall order at best.

The wrap can be worn in a plethora of ways and look fabulous with skinny jeans, flares or with tailored trousers. That’s not to say they couldn’t be styled with dresses or skirts, each one brings something individual to the party.

First up, the blanket checked wrap! I absolutely loved this cosier than cosy wrap over
 my grey knit. The tan fringing gives that Boho edge whcih incidentally is totally taking the fashion world over, season by season, it would appear. The colour tones work beautifully together and are so gentle in palette, offering total versatility, pop a beanie on to keep your hair under control and you’re good to go!

Then, if the decision wasn’t difficult enough look at this striped fringe trim alternative!

 Now, I know there’s a touch of spaghetti western going on here but it does pull together quite organically, I promise. I’ve gone for belting this one which anchors the whole thing together This is, for those of you who like to feel everything is buckled down and bonus bonus… the waist becomes a feature. I popped this wrap over my tan leather jacket experimenting for that chilier day or even a coat for that matter and yep! that works too! Finish off with an across the body bag and I’ve added my old faithful wide brimmed hat and ….. Dah dah!

I wouldn’t say that wraps are a no go for our petite brethren, but I would say tread carefully or they may swamp the smaller frame. There are, however, a number of fabulous jackets that may provide an alternative, that work the trend but with structure…. and sleeves for goodness sakes! Take a look at the Fringed and Checked Blanket Coat

  Right… back to wraps!

Wraps are really a transeasonal piece that come into their own during Autumn and Spring. You may bring them out lovingly at those times to be worn only a few times but year after year, so you will get your cost per wear out of them eventually.

If you’ve fallen hook line and sinker for this look… I’m sorry but I can’t help you decide which one, I’m in enough of a pickle myself choosing between them. What I can say is, take the plunge and go for it. Buy just one for now and see if you get loads of wear out of it. Which one do you like best, or are you going to be like me and stow away an heir and a spare?

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